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EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR A PAIR OF FOOL'S SHOES. However, when i first see this senterce at, I do not know what does it mean, but I was attacted by its products. And that make me know why is called foolshoes.

It is reasonable for you to understand that in the fashion's eyes, shoes are supposed to be the most important part although they are at the bottom of the whole image. Lovely person like Forrest Gump is still loved by many people, and it is true of lovely shoes, such as ugg. Everyone would like loveable stuff, so match your slippers with thick stockings and wear your UGG to go shopping or enjoy the sunshine.

Famous guys will put on Birkenstock to attend the LV ball, and fashionable guys will wear UGG to participate in wedding ball. As the UGG's toe cap is round, it leaves the lovely and warm impression, so it is suitable for this winter of economic downturn. At least, UGG lets people feel warm.

Nowadays, under the influence of Hollywood superstars, ugg brings about a storm of snowboard boots, as its first aim is to focus on the functions of providing warmness and practical usage. Generally speaking, fashionable guys would like to match their shorts or short skirts with this thick suede boots-UGG to show the lazy temperament and beautiful lining of their calves. Therefore, short skirts plus snowboard boots plus sunshine-this winter will never be cold any more.

The UGG short boots with round toe caps match with short skirts could make the calves look slimmer. Rebecca Romijn shows us this by enjoying the sunshine and at the same time putting this attractive snowboard boots. Penelope-Cruz's choice is much suitable for common people to learn the fashion. Coffee-color fur coat with jeans feels comfortable and cozy, and with a pair of snowboard boots-UGG, it would be icing on the cake.

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