A Short But Fascinating Look At Tin Lunch Boxes

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Tin lunch boxes went through a great period of revolution throughout the central part of the last century. A way used to imprint artwork patterns on top of metal - referred to as lithography - meant that these products were adorned with all the multi-colored designs of contemporary movie and TV heroes.

This trend started out during the early 50s once the Aladdin Corporation brought the Hopalong Cassidy box to market. This was quickly popular with school children throughout America and also was embellished with a Western style motif. After Aladdin's profits went through the roof the organization moved promptly to take advantage on this success making use of their followup Tom Corbett Space Cadet box one year later on during 1952. In the mean time, the "King Of The Cowboys" Roy Rogers was preparing to roll-out his own merchandise which he did through teaming up with the famed American Thermos Company (where we get the name Thermos).

While the actual boxes themselves continued to be pretty unimaginative - an uncomplicated container regularly escorted by a thermos - in the years to come many more products were launched. The way of life of the time was described through the styles on these boxes!

It's all too easy to glance back at this fantastic time and see nothing but loving thoughts of childhood and days of innocence. Nostalgia really is that potent! Even so, it has to be recalled that the heritage of the lunch box features a mysterious aspect to it! As lovers of such items know all too well, lots of the boxes from the earlier times have endured substantial harm by means fights inside the school yard. Whilst this alone is not too surprising, what is very shocking is this: the ferocity and overall prevalence of the fighting ultimately got so extreme that by the early seventies mothers had started lobbying state governments to consider action against the "evil" tin lunch boxes! People power was most powerful in Florida and eventually, the local legislature consented to enforce a ban all over the state in 1972. Soon there after, this precedent was adopted by various other US states. Having said that, these incidents ought to be observed in the circumstance that many manufactures had, by this time, ceased manufacturing anyways.

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