Scientifically Proven To Add Years To Your Life Keep Your Mind Active And Even Expand Grey Matter

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Do it yourself homemade projects have always fascinated me and I always have something on the go.

My long suffering wife pulls her hair out at the projects I have on the go; Some projects have been on the go for over twenty years and my interest range from homemade energy - bathroom renovations - T.V - computer repairs-online business .

Fascination of how things work has moved me in many weird and wonderful directions and had my mum and dad pulling their hair out.

In my childhood the amount of pulled apart objects around the house grew and the hidden extras that I Did not think I needed- became my treasure chest that kept me occupied for weeks on end.

It's wonderful how though the eyes of your youth we are amazed and wonder about the workings of things and has we grow older life's trials and realities kick in and we sometimes lose this part of our passion and excitement of things unknown and yet to be discovered .

In truth, daily new and wonderful homemade projects are available to everyone.

Time waits for no man and in part, that is true but in truth, time is not an issue in the grand scheme of the universe time is insignificant and as no meaning except to the human race.

Like sands through an hour glass so are the days of our lives ( Don't blame me for the quote - see mum)

We can get lost in sands dunes of our hour glass we can lose the one thing that can set us apart from all other living things our passions .

Passion -fleeting like young love or passion that lasts a lifetime.

Labeling our passions can be hard it can range from the good the bad the ugly.

All consuming passion for a business venture or project can end and leave a vacuum.

Over the years, I have been lucky to have a wide variety of homemade projects and mixed interests on many subjects met many wonderful and weird people.

Varied homemade projects can bring out the best in you they can bridge boundaries of age race creed or colour.

In fact, D.I.Yer homemade projects are scientifically proven to add years to your life keep your mind active and even expand the grey matter between your ears.

This is can be even more important as you enter the senior years .

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