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Indonesia dishes are amongst the most delicious in the world, to make Indonesian dishes we need a lot of ingredients. But sometime we have a problem to find or to know ingredients we need to make Indonesian dishes.

Have the following ingredients on hand in your pantry to make it easier to prepare Indonesian-style dishes. Most ingredients can be found in your local supermarket or greengrocer. Some of the specialized ingredients can be found in Asian Food stores.

These is some of the following ingredients of Indonesian dishes:

- Capsicum: Also known as red or green peppers.
- Capsicum:From the candleberry tree, these nuts look like macadamia nuts and taste like Brazil nuts. Available from Asian Food strores.
- Cardamon: Spice from the ginger family. Seeds are purchased whole, either in or out of their pods, or grounds.
- Chillies: Small red chillies are the hottest. The larger red chillies are milder and green chillies are milder still. Seeds are often discarded as they are the hottest part of the chilli..
- Coconut Cream: Thick white liquid that rises to the surface when coconut milk is left to stand.
- Coconut Milk: This is not the juice from the inside of the fresh coconut but the liquid extracted from the white flesh.
- Coriander: Indonesians use only the seed of the coriander plant, not the leaves or roots.
- Cumin: An aromatic spice with a pungent flavour, seeds are available whole or ground.
- Egg Noodles (fine, dry): looks like fine spaghetti which has been wound into a small bundless.
- Ginger: Fresh ginger root is recommended, rather than dried. Indonesians also use laos and galagal which give a similar flavour and are occasionally available fresh from Asian Food stores.
- Palm Sugar: Dark brown sugar made from the juice of the coconut palm flower. Sold in hard blocks, cut off required amount and crush it. Available from Asian Food stores.
- Peanut Oil: A light oil used extensively in Indonesian cooking. Coconut oil is also used.
- Rice Flour: Is finely ground white or brown rice and often used as a thickener.
- Shrimp Paste(terasi): Extremely pungent, salty paste, sold in jars. Also available in hard blocks, use sparingly.
- Soy Sauce (kecap): Light soy sauce which is thin and salty. Kecap manis is dark soy sauce which is thick and sweet.

That is some of the following ingredients that we can use when we make Indonesian dishes. To learn more about the Indonesian dishes recipes, please visit:, good luck for all of you guys.

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