Escali Liberta Pocket Scale: Built for All Environments

by Rodney George - Date: 2008-11-14 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

In today's society, everything is about now. With the advent of the internet, the rising generation is used to having information now. You can shop from your home, watch rental movies without ever going to the store, and even go grocery shopping from the comfort of your home. Various industries have tried to incorporate this feeling of instant knowledge into their products. One of these is the industry of weighing.

Digital scales have come a long distance over the years and have made many great leaps. One of the best inventions in this industry is the advent of the digital pocket scale. This product is extremely mobile; to the point that it can be carried in a purse or a very small bag or briefcase. There are many different kinds of pocket scales on the market today. We have taken reviewed some of them and we will be discussing one of these that is on the market today: the Escali Liberta Pocket Scale.

A pocket scale can be a very important and useful piece of equipment for many different professionals. Some people that utilize such devices include jewelers, collectors, gold buyers, geologists, medical/pharmaceutical professionals, and some on-site medical response teams. It is very useful for people who need to know estimations or even extremely accurate weights of certain items. Jewelers and collectors often use pocket scales when they are traveling or attempting to acquire items of value while not at their business. Certain on-site medical teams use these devices when mixing and compounding of pharmaceutical compounds is needed immediately.The Escali company is a smaller manufacturer of various different kinds and types of digital scales. This particular scale is a digital pocket scale. Digital have the advantage over their analog counterparts due to their increased accuracy, smaller, more compact design, and increased ability to remain accurate.

This particular product has all of the above mentioned benefits attributed to the digital scale. It comes in 3 different maximum capacities and resolutions:PR50, 50g (.01g); PR100, 100g (.05g); PR500, 500g (.1g). With this choice you are able to pick the right resolution and maximum weighing capacity that you need in your specific use. It also comes in a convenient flip top design; similar to a flip phone. The cover is made of durable high density polymer plastic designed to protect the actual hardware of the scale from bumps, scraps, impact, and general damages. The hallmark of this scale is in the accessory that comes pre-packaged. It comes with a scientifically measured and guaranteed weight. This weight is made of a dense metal that is guaranteed to weigh a specific amount. This way, any time during the day or during use, you can re-calibrate the pocket scale in order to assure proper and accurate weighing during the duration of use.

Overall, I recommend any pocket scale that you feel comfortable with and provides the requirements that you need for your profession/business. I also recommend the Liberta Pocket Scale do to its ease of use, its protective cover and included weight, and also the overall accuracy of this scale. Additionally, it comes with a 5 year warranty that guarantees against defects and assures continued and satisfied use. 

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