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Rossi Clarifies Position on Plan B

A recent post from Josh Feit in the Stranger's SLOG has clarified Dino Rossi and Governor Gregoire's opinions on one of the most hot-button legal issues to surface in recent years. Since a federal court ruling has removed a state law that requires pharmacists to dispense the morning after pill, Feit declares that “I’ve been trying and trying to get GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi to state his position on the issue.” A statement from a Rossi spokesperson goes on record as saying, “Rossi supports the decision by Judge Leighton and believes that pharmacists should not be forced to do something that is against their conscience or religious beliefs.”

The statement from Rossi's people also refers to “strongarm tactics” allegedly used by Governor Gregoire. The post also contained a quote from a recent interview with Gregoire where she commented that “A woman’s right to a lawful prescription should not be subject to the biases and prerogatives of a pharmacist.” She also expressed concern that a pharmacist may now refuse service to a victim of AIDS, simply because the pharmacist fundamentally disagrees with the lifestyle of the sufferer.

Sonics Turn Down the Heat

Gary Washburn's Seattle Sonics Blog for the Post-Intelligencer has revealed some of the key reasons that the Sonics managed to pull off a 104-95 win over the Miami Heat. According to the post, “they have learned some hard lessons in the first two weeks of the season and definitely lost two of three games they should have won.” Washburn was confident that the Sonics didn't rely on luck to win this game, as they consistently “outplayed” the Miami Heat.

The aging tandem of Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning were completely overwhelmed by the Sonics offensive prowess. The post observed that “the lone Heat player who looked ready to take on the Sonics was Dwyane Wade, who looked strong in his first game back after shoulder and knee surgeries.” However, even Wade faltered in the final minutes, missing several “makeable” shots and also dropping two valuable free throw points. The post named Chris Wilcox and Kurt Thomas as the evening's stand-outs.

Husky Men’s Basketball: All’s Well That Ends Well

In the Husky Men’s Basketball Blog, Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta sings the praises of the Husky players after their triumph over Utah. Players he calls out include Jon Brockman, “whose 31 points and 18 rebounds are each career-highs” and Justin Dentmon, who scored 16 points. Condotta writes that the Huskies showed immense “grit” after losing their 11-point lead in the second half, “pulling off the kind of late-game heroics that often eluded them a year ago.”

The post quotes Husky coach Lorenzo Lomar who said, “It was a really hard-fought battle and a hard-fought win for our team.' Even Utah coach Jim Boylen had to hand it to the Huskies. He gave them a lot of credit for hanging in there. Although, he also thought the Huskies made it harder on themselves by handing Utah so many free throws. Boylen said, “You let the other team shoot 37 free throws on the road and you are going to have a hard time winning.”

Waterfront Streetcar Not Dead Yet

The Seattle Transit Blog was initially convinced that the Waterfront Streetcar was dead and buried. Rumors had been circulating recently that decision-makers were planning to divert funding from the streetcar to pay for bus shelters in the city's suburbs. The post noted that the replacement for the Waterfront Streetcar was decidedly inadequate “Meanwhile, its replacement, bus route 99, has one-fifteenth the ridership that the streetcar had.”

However, reports of the streetcar's demise have been greatly exaggerated. A correction appeared in the post shortly after a tip from a reader. The post points to a January 2007 article in the Post-Intelligencer which “suggests that the trolley will return in 2009.” Additionally, the streetcar could be in further long-term danger should the city decide to rebuild the nearby viaduct. “the new viaduct would swallow up the streetcar line. I'm no civil engineer, but I suspect the retrofit and surface/transit options could leave the streetcar unharmed.”

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