Rollover Mishaps

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A lot of people are particularly fond of speed, especially in California where car enthusiasts are everywhere. We get a rush when we move swiftly, freely and with such velocity on road ways like we are race car drivers in a movie scene. Driving fast however, has its consequences. Aside from getting in trouble with the law for driving with speeds in excess of the legal limits, there are a lot of accidents that can occur when we speed.

Driving fast makes us less capable to react when certain situations are presented to us on the road. Vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents and property damage are just some of the accidents that you could easily be involved in as a result of speeding. Even if you are driving on a deserted road, you can still figure in an accident such as roll over accidents.

Roll over accidents happen when a vehicle turns over on its side or roof. This is a result of turning too sharply while driving too fast. Sometimes it's just a case of recklessness when a driver suddenly turns without slowing his or her vehicle. Another cause would be when there are debris on the road and either the driver suddenly swerves to avoid the debris or the vehicle ran over objects on the road and rolls over as a result thereof. Wet condition of the road's surface is another thing. In all these roll over accidents, there is one common factor, speed.

Bigger cars are more prone to roll over accidents. With sports utility vehicles alone it has been reported that over 100,000 people die each year as a result of roll over accidents. Over 35% of fatal crashes involved sports utility rollovers. Similarly, 33% or all passenger vehicle fatalities result from roll over accidents. Also, over 50% of single-vehicle accidents are due to roll over crashes.

As you can see, roll over accidents can result in very serious injuries and even death. If you don't want to be involved in a roll over accident or at least minimize your personal injuries in case roll over accident happened without your fault, you should remember the following safety tips to include:

(1) refrain from driving too fast and maintain consistent road conditions;
(2) always check your tires to make sure that they are not under or over inflated;
(3) avoid swerving suddenly;
(4) always wear your seatbelts;
(5) do not overload cargo in your vehicles;
(6) do not mount cargo on top of your vehicles; and
(7) if you are engaged in off roading sports, be sure that your vehicles are equipped with roll over bars.

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