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Sexual assaults are increasing with alarming frequency and everyday there are news reports about various forms of sexual assaults occurring against females. Despite the gravity of the actual incident, what makes the whole thing all the more miserable is the fact that at times it becomes very difficult to prove a case of sexual assault against the accused.

In such situation, the services of an expert and knowledgeable criminal lawyer can be very advantageous. The law has set out so many grounds for sexual assault that sometimes it becomes fairly difficult and confusing to decide as to on which grounds should you frame your case. It is said that a job well begun is half done. So it is very important that in view of the situation and all the evidences available, a proper case on accepted grounds should be framed so as to put forward a strong argument.

The most common grounds for filing a lawsuit against sexual assault are abduction of child less than sixteen years old with the intention of having sex, assault with the intention of committing rape, forcing or abducting a child for pornography or possessing child pornographic content, or even intoxicating with the intention of committing rape.

Some states even hold bigamy as a ground for probable sexual assault and more often than not, men find themselves at the receiving end of a law suit. Even the act of bigamy can lead to a law suit being filed against them.

A criminal barrister needs to be consulted before getting remarried as the law of the land is very stringent about bigamy and has accorded it a status of sexual assault. According to the law, if a person remarried or says the nuptial vows again while the first spouse is alive, then the person is liable to be punished under the law.

This is not to say that a person cannot remarry altogether. But remarrying when the first spouse is alive and the spouse's existence is known to the person is a punishable offence on the grounds of sexual assault.

A criminal barrister will tell you the prerequisite conditions you must meet in order to remarry. For example, a person is allowed to remarry if all the divorce formalities are completed or the marriage has been declared null and void. Moreover, in the event of the demise of either of the partner, the surviving spouse is allowed to get remarried according to his own wishes. Last but not least, if a person is not in touch with his married partner and is also not aware of his or her existence and whereabouts since 7 or more years, then the person may marry someone else.

Only when bigamy has been committed on any of the above grounds then it will not be considered as a case of sexual assault and no legal proceedings will take place against the person.

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