Major Yasmin Birth Control Side Effects

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Yasmin is a popular form of hormonal birth control that has been heavily marketed, especially to younger women, over the past few years. This type of birth control purports to take care of PPMD symptoms and to also clear up minor acne that is related to hormonal changes. These things may be true, but there are also some major Yasmin birth control side effects to consider when deciding whether or not to take this type of birth control. Unfortunately, many women start taking this type of hormonal birth control before they're fully informed about what the side effects actually are. For this reason, many women have already suffered from the serious side effects associated with this pill.

What Are the Side Effects?

The side effects of Yasmin are actually the same as the potential side effects of many forms of hormonal birth control. Since The Pill was invented, researchers have looked at its side effects carefully. Many women avoid side effects like gallbladder disease and blood clots simply by avoiding smoking, living healthy lifestyles, and taking the right birth control. Some women, though, actually end up still having these two problems, even without any other risk factors.

Unfortunately, Yasmin and its generic counterparts are thought to seriously increase a woman's risk of gallbladder complications and blood clotting. Though most types of hormonal birth control do this, this particular type is worse than others in these two areas.

Basically, each of these problems come about because of the raised blood cholesterol level that happens as a result of the hormones in Yasmin. When there is too much cholesterol in the blood, the gallbladder may be unable to handle it. As a result, many times, gallstones form or gallbladder infection sets in. Both of these things can have serious consequences, including complete removal of the gallbladder, which necessitates lifelong lifestyle changes.

Raised cholesterol in the blood can also cause blood clotting where it isn't necessary. Sometimes clots can form in the legs, and they are thrown from there to the rest of the body. If they land in a vital organ, such as the lungs or brain, these clots can cause extremely serious complications that may even result in death.

Understanding the Risks

Part of the problem with Yasmin is that it's difficult to determine just how much it increases risks of these problems. While all hormonal birth control does increase these issues, Yasmin side effects have been known to affect women without any other risk factors for gallbladder or clotting problems. With most other forms of hormonal birth control, women who experience these issues have at least one or two other risk factors.

If you or someone you love is on Yasmin, you may want to look more closely into the risks of this hormonal birth control before continuing to take it. If you have already been harmed by Yasmin, you may want to look at a Yasmin lawsuit with a qualified lawyer. You may be eligible to receive funds to cover extra medical expenses as well as other expenses related to your issues.

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