Social Networking and How to Use It I

by Sean Ray - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 294 Share This!

Unless you have been spending a few years up in a space station, or are a time traveler from far in the distant past, or even the future, who knows, you will have heard of social networking.

What's that? Never heard of it? Of course you have. MySpace has more visitors than Google, and MySpace is an example of a social networking site. Yup, that's what they are called, that and Facebook.

YouTube as well, but that's for videos. In fact there are different flavors of social networking sites according to their specialty. MySpace is currently very popular, and is the internet equivalent of the local street corner. It's a place where you can hang out at and chat to your mates. Except your mates can be from all over the world and of every nationality.

You join a social networking site in much the same way as you join a club. One of your mates invites you to come along, or you simple enter the site and join yourself. Once there, you let others know who you are and what you like doing by creating your profile. Since your friend asked you along, you first connect to their network, then to other networks as you get to find others with the same interests as you.

You use blogs and message boards, even instant messaging and direct internet connections to contact people you want to communicate with and talk to. VoIP telephone systems such as Skype let you speak to them free, and webcams are great for video communications. Social networking allows you to meet new friends and also to make very useful new contacts, and if used correctly could be very advantageous to you. However, each site has its own rules, and breach them at your peril!!

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