MySpace Marketing for Hungry Entrepreneurs

by Bill Edwards - Date: 2007-04-30 - Word Count: 662 Share This!

Myspace. The big buzz these days is Myspace. Myspace represents the biggest shift in online user behavior since Google. At Present, has recorded over 105 million registrant. Yes there are more than 105 million people subscribed to the myspace site.

And over 11.6 billion page views per month. Incredible! Myspace is by far the largest social networking site on the 'Net. Large social networks, such as Myspace, are an entirely new way for people to interact online. All the rules have changed. Social Networking on the 'Net is the "thing".

Myspace represents an enormous opportunity for the savvy marketer. If approached in the right way. Imagine over 105 million people. Imagine over 105 million people looking at your product.

Imagine over 105 million people that you could market to. Imagine over 105 million people, that is as close as you can come to having a captive audience on the 'Net.

Over 105 million people have already done most of the work for you.

How? You ask. Well what's your niche? Let's say for example your niche is "dogs". Go to MySpace-Groups-Pets-Dogs. There you have it a group of dog lover/owner just waiting to be sold the latest "Dog Munchies" right? Wrong. Not so fast.

You first have to follow the rules in order to market to MySpace. There is a correct way to market to MySpace and make money. Once you learn how you will be able to market on almost all of the social networking sites. Social networking sites are sites that allow large groups of people to interact with each other. They provide a place for people to communicate and relate to each other.

In July 2005, MySpace was bought for $580 million by Rupert Murdoch. So it is the place to be. The famous bank robber Willie Sutton replied when asked why he robbed banks, "That's where the money is". Myspace is where the people and the list are. You can fish in an empty pond, or a pond full of fish. I don't know about you, but I know where I like to fish.

MySpace has more traffic than any other US website, and accounts for 80% visits to online social networks. Myspace is where it's happening. There are 230,000 new users signing up every day. MySpace is the Number One site for viewing videos online. Over 40% of videos are watched on MySpace. It's the Number One referrer of traffic to Google. More than 8% of all Google traffic comes from MySpace. Myspace has over twice the amount of traffic as google.

Here is a surprise. When you look at MySpace the first thing you think of it young twenty something. Well 52% of the population on myspace is over 35. So don't write off MySpace as just a hang out for teenagers. The demographics cover a very wide range within the myspace community.

Myspace has users of every type, huge traffic levels and the potential to really benefit your bottom line if you play your cards right.

You may think that with all those many people the savvy marketers have grabbed all the goodies. Well.... not quite so. Reason why, very few online marketers really know how to market to myspace.

MySpacers come to communicate first, and buy second. So the myspace marketer needs to learn how to communicate on myspace terms. You are not too late; in fact you are right on time. But if you wait much longer you will be late.

Right now, people are just beginning to educate themselves on how to market to the Myspace, and all the other social networking sites. Most of the marketing has been hit and miss. The average Internet marketer has not figured out how to market to this savvy crowd.

My advice? Learn the myspace marketing system and get in before it's to late. You will have what marketers call "First Mover's Advantage." Let's not waste it!

Marketing to MySpace is really simple. It is only taking tried and true Internet marketing methods and making a little twist.

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