3 Key Steps to Get Started With Social Bookmarking

by Raymond Nesa - Date: 2007-04-24 - Word Count: 317 Share This!

Social bookmarking is a great way to become a part of great communications and information network. There are many different social bookmarking services on the web, and a majority of them are free. Some of these include del dot icio dot us, reddit, and Digg. Here are some easy tips to get started with quick social bookmarking:

1 Choose a network. First, investigate the popular social bookmarking communities and see which of them fits your particular interests and personal taste. You want your social bookmarking site to be the most suitable to you personally.

2 Sign up. Most social bookmarking sites just take a few seconds to sign up for. Just enter a username, a password, and an email address. Then check your email to verify and activate your account.

3 Explore. Look over the homepage and take a look at the incredible amount of information there. One reason that social bookmarking websites are so useful is the fact that millions of people are constantly updating and adding to it - make sure to refresh the homepage regularly, as new information and links are added at a rate of several links per second.

4 Start tagging. The most important and interesting feature of social bookmarking communities is the fact that they allow you to "tag" websites that you visit to help provide the network with information. Whenever you tag a website, you get to choose what keywords should link people to the site, and give a description. This can be valuable if you have your own website, as tagging it in a social network can get you noticed quickly.

By all accounts, quick social bookmarking can be one of the most useful resources on the internet. Because it can help you find information that does not appear on the major search engines or that would only show up hundreds of results down, quick social bookmarking is useful and can be fun to use as well.

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