Have Your Freight Trailer Hauled By A Trucking Company

by Carl Stinson - Date: 2007-02-28 - Word Count: 433 Share This!

When it comes to the trucking industry, most people don't realize the diversity. You can, in fact, have your own trailer and have it hauled by another trucking company for instance.

Power only trucking is the industry term for providing the tractor to haul another's trailer. Freight companies that provide power only service are used for a variety of hauling jobs where the customer has a trailer that needs to be moved but is either unable or unwilling to haul the trailer with his own equipment. One of the examples of a time when power only trucking is used is in the delivery of new trailers to a trucking fleet. Power only haulers will haul the trailers to the fleet's depots, and drop them off there.

Many of the other uses for power only hauling involve trailers that are used for set purposes and are usually designed to remain in one location for a long period of time. Equipment trailers and job site trailers are two examples of this type. Since the trailer is liable to remain at the job site for an extended time, the company that owns the trailers often foregoes the purchase of their own tractors and relies on the services of power only haulers to move the trailer from site to site.

An exhibit trailer is another example. The same criteria apply here as the exhibit will often be moved to a site and the exhibit will be set up and remain in place for an indefinite period of time. Once again, the cost of purchasing a tractor and hiring a driver to move the exhibit into place, and then remaining idle would be excessive. The power only hauler can deliver the trailer to its new location, and then go on to other work, returning when the exhibit is ready to be moved again.

Disaster relief organizations use ready packed trailers in the same manner. The trailers are loaded with emergency supplies and stand ready to respond to a disaster site. The cost of maintaining tractors and drivers who would be idle until a disaster strikes would be prohibitive. The relief organization, instead, hires power only haulers to transport the trailers to where they are needed, when they are needed.

Power only haulers usually have special tractors equipped with sliding 5th wheels that can easily be adapted to any trailer configuration and turning clearance. Many power only haulers do not restrict their business to this form of trucking, but use their drivers and rigs for routine hauling jobs while maintaining a reserve of drivers to take on ower only jobs when they are needed.

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