Low Cost High Volume Mobile Fleet Truck Washing; Hypersonic Competition

by Lance Winslow - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 271 Share This!

As the Founder of a multi-state fleet truck washing franchise business and in retirement, I often have new entrants into the industry ask me for advice. And with the love for the Industry and to keep my mind going full-tilt I enjoy helping such folks with information to better their chances for success in a world full of over regulation and over lawyering for small businesses.

Recently, a gentleman from a Midwest Red State stated that he ran across our website and started looking around and thought our prices were a bit low and that we might have to wash a ton of vehicles to make any money at it; Fleet Truck Washing at large distribution companies.

Indeed his observations are very correct. Yes, our company is based on low-cost, high-volume and the competition hates it, but having all the work is a good thing for scheduling, because the less travel time the more money you make. Paying labor to travel to job sites, traffic, fuel costs must be factored into the price and volume. In theory, it makes sense to us and our strategy has proved itself worthy of note.

Other operators get pissed off at us, but we are in business to make all the money and Market Share is an oxy-moron. Because every company wants all the market and no one wants to share. Ever play basketball with a belligerent ball-hog? You know what I mean? Consider a trash company that stops at every house or the USPS, which goes to each mailbox. Think production and then you will understand and until then I hope this article propels thought in 2007.

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Lance Winslow, a retired entrepreneur, adventurer, modern day philosopher and perpetual tourist.

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