Start a Mobile Fleet Truck Washing Business; Think Twice

by Lance Winslow - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 410 Share This!

As the operator of an Online Think Tank, prolific online article author and former Franchise Company Founder, I tend to get questions from cyberspace on many noteworthy small business topics and I welcome these to keep my mind alert in retirement.

Recently, an early retiring Airline Mechanic, perhaps taking a company incentive deal to retire ask me about starting a Mobile Fleet Truck Washing Business. His major question about taking the leap into small business entrepreneurship went something like this;

I have the money to start the business, but it will becoming out of my retirement and if I lose it do not want to have to work my butt off to earn it all back, as I would have to just to survive.

Personally in answering his concerns I stated: Very wise comment, small business is a risk no matter what type you get into. The odds are stacked against you, with over regulation, over lawyering and such. Sometimes the best thing is to not go into business.

His next question was telling and typical of the market place as he stated in so many words; There is a guy in the next town over who said he makes somewhere between $800 to $1,000 per day and invested about $20k in equipment, is this true?

My answer is multi-facited you see because if you have the right fleet accounts it is possible. However fleet truck washing is highly labor intensive you know? Unemployment is down and we have found in many markets getting labor is not quite but almost impossible.

Also remember taking in $1,000 per day is not taking home that much and if you are doing all the work yourself or go on every job, you will most likely be working harder than you have ever worked in your life. It is a lot of hard work washing that many trucks, vans, bobtails per day.

The hype is very common in the mobile washing industry. Sometimes folks will project their best ever day, which really went over a 20 hour period and say that they do that every day. I can tell you that $1,000 day is not unheard of in mobile truck washing. Running an $800 day every day of the week with one unit is tough because of equipment breakdowns, weather, scheduling, labor, water reclaiming, etc. But that is not to say it is not doable. Perhaps this article might assist you if you are considering a mobile truckwash business in 2007.

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