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When Jesus told the Parable of the Master of the Vineyard, He spoke of Himself as the Stone which the builders rejected. God made this Stone the Cornerstone. If you reject the Prophecy of Jesus, God will still make Him the Cornerstone.

In this Parable Jesus taught about the Master of the Vineyard who turned over the land to growers. He built a tower and a fence and a winevat and let them produce the fruits of the Vineyard. He was away traveling on business but at the time of harvest He sent servants to gather of the Fruits of the Vineyard. But the growers beat and killed the servants.

He sent more servants, and they were treated the same. Finally He sent His own Son, saying, "They will respect my Son."

And when the growers saw the Son they knew He was the Heir and they decided if they killed Him they would be able to take His Inheritance. So they threw Him out of the Vineyard and killed Him. This was when Jesus asked the chief priests and Pharisees He was teaching, "When the Master comes, what shall He do to those growers?"

They answered that He would do evil to those evil men in return, destroying them, and give the Vineyard to other growers, who will give Him the Fruits in their seasons.

"Have you not read in the Scriptures," Jesus asked them, "'The Stone which the builders rejected became the Head Cornerstone; by the Lord this happened and it is a Wonder in our eyes.' So I say to you the Kingdom of God shall be taken away from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of it. And the one falling upon this Stone shall be broken in pieces. But the one on whom it falls shall be ground to dust."

At that time the chief priests and Pharisees wanted to arrest Jesus but they feared the multitudes, who held Him as a Prophet. And this is another prophetic message of Jesus, because of how it was foretold He would become the Cornerstone.

Jesus has become the Cornerstone for the last two thousand years, fulfilling the Prophecy about Him. He was rejected and crucified and rose from the dead on the third day. In this you too may have life.

But you may take up your own cross and suffer rejection when you believe His Prophecy about the Last Days. And you may be tempted to doubt His Prophecies about the End-times, rejecting His Word today as He was rejected thousands of years ago and was crucified. Your own faith may be tried by the faithless and heedless people out there working in the Vineyard of God.

Today however you might survive any persecution against you for believing the Prophecy of Jesus. You might not be killed today. Your faith will be tried by the opposition of those who don't heed the Words of Jesus. And they may threaten you. But there is also a good chance you will survive when you are persecuted today.

The prophetic significance of this Parable is when Jesus claims He is that Cornerstone. You may not be one of those workers sent to that Vineyard who is killed as they killed the Son and Heir. But you may be rejected like Jesus and His Prophecy.

And when you are rejected like Jesus the Cornerstone with His Prophecy, your faith in Him will be tried. Then if your faith endures you will be set up by God in a place in His Temple near Jesus the Head Cornerstone.

The Prophecies of Jesus about how the Last Days are already happening with climate change are the Stone the builders want to reject. His Prophecies that global warming is the End of the world coming will be rejected by those who doubt Him but set up by God as the Head Cornerstone. If you keep faith and believe Jesus in these Last Days you too will be a Stone God builds His Holy Temple with.

You will need your faith in Jesus as natural disasters happen more and more. And others will need to be able to trust in you as their rock, their stone God is building with. When they trust you it will build their faith in Jesus too.

Jesus is the Head Cornerstone who was rejected by the builders but was put in place by God. You too will be a stone the builders may reject but when you believe the Prophecies of Jesus, God will place you in His Holy Temple.

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