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Wind Energy Markets in India

India is likely to generate almost five times more wind energy capacity than the government's estimate by 2030 i.e. total installed capacity will reach 142 GW by 2030, which would produce 341 TWh of electricity and satisfy 12.6 - 14.2% of India's demand. There would be considerable impact on annual investment (Rs336 billion) and employment (142,000 jobs); and 323 million tons of CO2 could be saved every year. Government of India is planning to infuse around Rs.600 billion under 11th five year plan in this industry apart from introducing various industry friendly policies, which will boost the growth of this sector and help reach the estimated installed capacity. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=146074&rt=Wind-Energy-Markets-in-India.html )

Wind Energy is the fastest growing renewable energy sector in India, which is, the world's 5th largest wind power nation. Wind energy accounts for over 70% of the total 15,540 MW of installed renewable energy generation capacity in India. Installed wind power capacity at the end of March 2010 reached 10,242 MW, which is expected to go up to 25,505 MW by 2013. Centre for Wind energy technology (C-Wet) has recently estimated potential for wind power in India to 48.5 GW.

In the backdrop of this robust growth scenario of wind energy, we are introducing The Industry Insight - Wind Energy Markets in India, a must-have tool to help you understand how Indian market trends and Govt. polices are influencing the development and enhancement of the wind energy market.

SCOPE OF THE REPORT - Global & Indian Wind Power Market Overview - Wind Turbine market - its export & imports - Key Growth Drivers - Issues & Challenges - Incentives declared by the state as well as central government - A brief Analysis of 10 major players - Major Projects - Project Cost and Financing Guideline by IREDA - Regulatory issues - Future outlook - the growth rate, investments and capacity addition

REASONS TO BUY - To understand the Indian Market, the latest drive & current status, potential & projections for growth rate & capacity addition - Comprehensive report on future prospects and challenges - Analytical report with insights into the Govt. policies and incentive schemes - To understand viability, cost structure and Financing pattern of projects - To understand the issues & Challenges for the grid connection

For more information kindly visit : http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=146074&rt=Wind-Energy-Markets-in-India.html

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