The Different Kinds Of Bats

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Most bats are found in warm places. Some are very strange: there are brightly colored, even spotted, bats. Some grow to a huge size. The flying fox of Malaya and Australia is a red-colored bat with wings that measure five feet from tip to tip. It feeds on ripe fruit and flowers. The vampire bat lives in South America. It is famous because it drinks blood. It is the only kind of bat that is harmful to human beings. A vampire bat will bite a human being, and suck blood from the wound. In North America there are some common bats that you can easily recognize.
The little brown bat and the red bat are both small. The first is dull brown, the second is bright orange-red or chestnut The hoary bat is bigger and is pale gray or yellowish, with brown wings. It flies high in the air, and is unusual because it has four babies at a time. It is wrong to believe that bats will try to fly into your hair. In fact, if you are in a room with a bat it will fly up and down, doing its best to get away from you. They are very timid and gentle creatures, and you need not be afraid of them. They can easily be tamed, but are a lot of trouble to keep as pets because they need so many insects for food. All the bats in North America eat quantities of insects such as beetles. They are friends of mankind and should never be harmed.

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