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Alcohol drinking is injurious to your physical and mental health. It may ruin your life, family and social relationships, and employment prospects. There are numerous ways to stop drinking alcohol.

The initial step that needs to be addressed is the real reasons why you feel the time has come to stop drinking. Quite a lot of the reasons will be general ones but the one you will really have to think about hard are the ones that concern you. This task will be made easier through the assistance of a close friend.

Keep this list at a secure and most visible place as you may have to refer to it from time to time to renew your commitment. It would be better to keep the list at more than one location, say, next to your shaving mirror in the bathroom, pasted on your fridge door and also in your purse to increase its visibility

If the condition is a serious one most alcoholics can give up drinking overnight, but the alternative option is to cut back gradually on quantity over a given period of time. The most functional method is to plan out a timed schedule for the daily reductions aiming towards the final step of zero alcohol consumption.

A great way to keep on track is to continually evaluate your progress over the first month until the new habit becomes a normal behaviour pattern. There will be both up and down days so keep an account of these feelings. This account will help you keep strong and could also be boosted by sharing your feelings with other people and you will be able to get support from them too.

If your self-help plan fails to deliver, there is no reason to be demoralized about your abilities and self confidence. Alcoholism is a disease. It may have made deeper roots and brought about some chemical changes in your biological system.

Vital body organs such as the liver, the pancreas, the heart, the kidney or the digestive system can be affected and even damaged by this addictive disease. Medication is another way of fighting alcoholism and will help to reduce the risk of organ damage. So the next step will have to be medical advice and don't waste too much time in getting it.

Impediments may occur to interfere with your effort to achieve your goals. You may have to choose new friends and avoid those who may have induced to drinking alcohol. You may have to change your current life style that hinges on alcohol use. Substitute alcohol by taking new, healthy and delicious drinks such as juices.

Internationally recognized rehab centers such as AA and AVERT are the best option for anyone who wishes to stop drinking alcohol. They involve past alcoholics giving great advice and support which is based on their own previous experience. You really couldn't imagine a better support while under these most difficult of circumstances.

They even keep your identity anonymous. You may log on to internet to find more such self help groups who are only too willing and happy to extend their cooperation. They will help you to stop drinking alcohol by customizing plans to suit your needs.

Now the new battle becomes the old Devil's advocate when your best of friends will insist on your presence at the pub. Be firm and polite but definite in your wish to stop drinking alcohol and if they truly are good friends, then they will understand. Try a new hobby, go jogging or just do something that takes your mind off drinking. You will always find family and friends will be there to help you in your darkest hour of need and when things are going well, reward yourself with something special.

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