Herpes - Treating The Pain

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A herpes infection can be a very painful experience. This can also affect you physiologically, emotionally and socially. Having herpes infection may mean that you have to deal with the excruciating pain that it causes. When people know you have herpes, the risk for social rejection may be increased. This can also damage your self esteem. You may not feel being intimate or getting in a relationship.

Herpes is caused by a viral infection. The infection can spread rapidly and can affect many parts of your body. It is not limited only to your genitals. It can show symptoms in the mouth, lips, inner cheeks and even the nose. Presently, there is no cure that has been found out to treat and cure a herpes infection. Care done to an infected individual is palliative care, treating the symptoms independently from the condition.

When there is a painful episode you may apply topical pain relievers to the mouth and other parts of the body. In treating the lesion you may want to see your physician that they may prescribe you proper treatments to use against the lesion. When you may be infected with herpes, there is an increase in the chance for social rejection and isolation. Yet you are not the only one suffering from this kind of condition. There are others out there that may have also been socially rejected by individuals that do not have herpes. Creating a relationship with someone who already has herpes can reduce the chances of you being rejected.

This can also lessen the guilt that you may feel for having contracted the infection. At the same time, it may even make you feel comfortable to know that someone can relate to your condition and have been suffering the same.

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