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Building a custom home is a major milestone in your life. While most people think all custom home builders are created equal. That is far from the truth. There are usually several custom home builders to choose from in your area. When choosing a custom home builder it's important that you have correct information to make a great decision. The last thing you want to do is have the wrong custom home builder working on your dream house. So I've put together a list of things that every potential buyer should ask their builder.

1. How long have you been in business? When you are choosing a builder, it's important that you find a qualified builder with experience building the type of home you want. The longer a builder has been in business the better. That means they have long track record of quality homes and satisfied customers.

2. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? This seems self explanatory. So I won't go into detail.

3 Are you insured and bonded. Every state has requirements for licensed builders. A reputable builder won't have a problem producing proper documentation upon your request.

4. How many homes do you build a year? Most people choose a custom builder to give them the quality and service above the normal. If a custom home builder is building an excessive number of homes, chance are they aren't able to give you that 1 on 1 care that your home really deserves.

5 .How can I ensure that this home will be built 100% code-compliant? This works side by side with #3. Building codes exist so that your home will be safe in all aspects of construction. A reputable builder will provide a check list of things that are done to make sure your future home is compliant.

6. What is your price range of homes? Custom homes can range in prices. You can easily build a home from a $200k to a few million. Every builder has a target price range that they are experienced within. Finding out the price range is also important when it comes to the consumer budget. Your home may not cost $1million, but you want your builder to treat it as if it does.

7. How is the buyer involved in the process? A great builder incorporates the buyer in the complete design and building process. Each home buyer will make choices that range regarding their home. This starts off with brick and cabinets, then proceed to plumbing fixtures and lighting. The last half of the construction process you will need your flooring, paint, and landscape selections.

8. Who do I contact when I have questions? In some cases, the sales person isn't your construction and design contact. So it's important to know who you will need to speak to through out the process.

9. How important is builder/client communication to your company? Communication allows a flawless process with each custom home buyer. With flawless communication, the job site won't turn into a ghost house.

10. Do you have references as to overall satisfaction with the construction process and the finished product?

If you ask these few questions, you can avoid problems throughout your custom home building process.

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