Energy Efficiency Achievable by Using Keylighting Products

by Richard.E Davies - Date: 2010-11-20 - Word Count: 486 Share This!

With the phasing out of the old style light bulb earlier this year, and the rise in awareness of the effect our energy consumption can have on the planet and its resources, energy efficiency is more important than ever to the average consumer.

With changes in sea level and more extreme weather conditions already resulting from the rise in CO2, the burning of fossil fuels to provide the energy to heat and light homes and businesses is still causing large amounts of the gas to enter the atmosphere. Because of this it is well worth choosing energy efficient lighting options in order to help cut the amount of energy we currently consume.

With the UK having been one of the main culprits in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions there is now more chance than ever before to make a difference through your energy choices and help the UK to make progress in cutting Greenhouse Gas emissions and create a brighter future.

As well as a world benefit there is also a benefit to the consumer of choosing energy efficient lighting for your home or workplace as the prices of energy continue to rise and inefficient products could lead to wasted energy and higher costs.

Instead of suffering from rising energy bills it is worth making sure the lighting technology you use is environmentally friendly and provides energy efficiency.

Cutting down energy consumption and costs is of high importance to most households and workplaces and knowing who and where to go to for lighting solutions can leave you unsure where to look as you search for the right level of efficiency and quality to give you maximum satisfaction.

But here's the key! Keylighting offer a range of lighting products that are not only sleek and stylish but also offer great energy efficiency.
They're wide variety of low energy products they can provide solutions whatever the problem.

They provide ceiling lighting for offices and workspaces and fit into suspended or plasterboard ceilings as well as decorative fittings that can be used in the home.

Warehouse and factory fittings are available in a range of styles and can offer a number of options including highbay and lowbay fittings as well as exit lighting.

As well as this exterior and waterproof lighting products that can be used to light dark walkways or warehouse entrances and sign lights can be purchased so that your business can be seen whatever the time.

Along with these products they also offer PIRTECH energy saving controls that give the client a range of controls to allow them flexibility in the way they use their lighting. Not only does this help the client to adjust their lighting according to time and light levels it also enables the optimisation of energy use.

With energy efficiency achievable at great costs and a wide variety of products on offer, you could make a big difference to both the world and your property by choosing Keylighting for your lighting technology.

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