5 Tips On Choosing Colors When Building A House

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When building a house perhaps the most personal decision a home owner has to make is the selection of interior and exterior colors. Usually most home owners tend to follow their own instincts when selecting paint color. Additionally with regards to color selection one has to be particular as interior color shades are distinct from exteriors. Decorating a house with personally preferred hues lends a home its own unique personality. While it is true that there are no stringent rules about paint color selection, certain color systems naturally appeal to the average eye. Thus understanding them can assist in making the best decisions regarding color choice.

Durability - It is important to note that for colors that are more intense the probability to fade is much higher. After a few years of weathering, vivid blues and deep reds will seem more subdued. Additionally, dark colors also create more maintenance problems as they tend to absorb heat and suffer more moisture problems than lighter shades. And because dark paint fades, it's difficult to touch up.

Sheen - Choosing a color isn't that simple. In addition, a home owner needs to also decide on the sheen of paint, whether it is glossy, semi-gloss or flat. Note that the glossier the surface area is, the more likely it is to show faults, brush strokes and touch up marks. On the other hand, glossy surfaces are easier to clean. The trend with many homeowners is that they generally opt to use flat paint for walls and semi-gloss or glossy paint for columns, railings and window sashes.

Color Deceptions - When actually brought out of the store and viewed in natural sunlight color swatches usually look very different. Many times the colors appear lighter on large surfaces than they do on small samples. It is advisable that before purchasing paint a home owner tests a selected area. Try to examine the selected color samples outdoors, at various angles and different times of the day. Additionally consider purchasing small quantities of desired colors and paint a section of the house where body, trim and accent colors can be viewed together. Also try to pay close attention to geography, specifically the intensity of the sun. Intense sun washes out colors, so brighter colors are suitable in Sunbelt areas but might stand out like a sore thumb in northern locations.

Towering Heights - For a tall house a home owner can scale down the height of a house by painting the upper portion of a tall house a deeper tone than the bottom portion. This is also effective on a small lot or when landscaping is immature. Conversely, darker colors on the lower portion tend to ground the house to the earth. Ideally stick to light or white colors for windowsills in order for reflection of the sun's heat and light.

Neighborhood tour - As a home owner, before you choose your color take a look at homes in your neighborhood or in decorating magazines. This is a great way to find paint colors. If find a house in the neighborhood that suits the selection in mind, ask the homeowner to share the color name and brand of paint they have used.

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