Getting to Know the Backgammon Setup and Rules

by Gene Marshall - Date: 2007-05-28 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

It is not hard to find games whose rules seem to take literally ages to learn, but backgammon is not one of these! The very fact that millions of children around the world have no difficulty when it comes to learning how to play backgammon illustrates that getting to know the backgammon setup and rules is really child's play.

The backgammon set is easily recognizable to most of us from our childhood years. Most people know the basic items that are required in order to play the backgammon game. To begin with, we need a backgammon board which is a flat piece of wood, plastic or some other material, divided into twenty-four narrow triangular divisions known as "points". Each of the points has an alternating color, traditionally black and white but other color schemes are equally acceptable. Down the center of the board there is a ledge that is know as the bar. Each player must have fifteen round checkers or counters. Again, like the board they are traditionally distinguished from each other by one set of checkers being colored black and the other set white but other color combinations are not forbidden. Finally, last but not least dice and a dice shaker must be included in the backgammon package. These items are all that the rules of the game demands to complete a backgammon setup and start playing.

For those playing backgammon online, all these equipment specifications can be dispensed with. All the player has to do is to log on to one of the online backgammon sites and download the game. Internet backgammon brings to your computer an attractive, 3-D backgammon set that matches in appearance the better quality types of sets you could buy in a store. Although they are popularly associated with backgammon gambling, the online backgammon sites do a thorough job in providing full information on how the game is played and in offering demonstration games that allow new players to quickly acquire the understanding of the rules and the playing skills they need to get the most out of their games.

For those who do not have Internet access, there are still many opportunities to learn the rules of the game by observing experienced players, joining a backgammon club or getting books out of the library. Assuming, as we can in the vast majority of cases, that the new player is familiar with the backgammon sets and all its components, the rules they must concentrate on are those concerning the object of the game and the legal ways in which this can be achieved. The key aim of the game, being the first players to remove all their checkers to their home area of the board and from here off the board, stands out in its simplicity. Most players also find the rules governing the moving of pieces quite straightforward. For example, movement proceeds according to the dice throw and the players who gets the highest score makes the first move.

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