Indoor Mobility Scooters

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Mobility scooters exclusively provide assistance to physically disabled people, who don't necessarily need a wheelchair. There is a wide range available in mobility scooters of different sizes, styles and colors. The vehicles can be used both, indoors and out door.

Small scooters are recommended for indoor use, as they are very compact. They are portable and can easily be transported in cars and vans. The 41.75' long and 24' wide vehicle can easily be disassembled into four parts. Transportation becomes even more convenient, as the heaviest piece weighs 38 lbs. The body is available in many different and attractive colors such as Ocean Blue, Midnight Black and Candy Apple Red. The body is also includes a headlight and front basket. Small scooters have a standard 18' seat that is adjustable and is available in shades of black, gray, sandstone, crimson, velvet and tan vinyl. Small mobile scooters safely handle a 9- degree angle and have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The scooter is set with 2.5' x9', front and rear tires. The scooter is powered with a pair of U-1 Gel batteries, a whisper quiet 1HP motor and transaxle for a speed of 4.3 mph. Small mobility scooters are highly recommended for average sized houses.

The medium sized mobility scooters can also serve indoor mobility. Instead they are the best size for all round use. The turning radius proves very handy for indoor use and the large base provides stability for outdoor use.

Indoor mobility scooters provide greater range of movements, allowing the operator to take tighter turns. They enable the person to get closer to the dinning table and through the narrow passages of a house. These scooters ensure safe mobility within the house or any limited space. They are convenient and offer the user movement and independence.

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