Texas Holdem - How To Become Better At Texas Hold'em Poker

by Cyman Harrison - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 494 Share This!

If you know the rules, if you know the game, if you know the odds, chances are you'll do well at poker. But, if you never play, you'll never know. That's the most important part of becoming a winner at Texas Hold'em. Practice makes perfect.

There are some great ways to become a better Texas Hold'em poker player. For instance, you might try reading books written by Texas Hold'em experts and world class tour winners. Or, you can search the Internet for the best poker tips and secrets. Or, you can study strategy for Texas Hold'em, playing as tight and as aggressive as you believe is possible. Or, you can talk to friends about their experiences playing the game. Or, you can watch the experts and pros on television and try to mimic their strategies. But, if you never practice playing the game, you're not going to be a winner.

There are a few ways to practice poker some are more expensive than others.

The cheapest way to practice Texas Hold'em is to play for play money. You can do this in the comfort of your own home among friends and family. Or, if you're looking for a more competitive forum, you can take advantage of many of the Online offers out there and play with play money Online. This is a great resource for poker players of all skill levels, especially if cash flow is tight. Practicing online gives you the advantage of practicing new skills and strategies without the fear of embarrassment or public failure. Also, if you're just learning, it gives you an anonymous forum to test the waters.

Another relatively cheap way to learn is to pay a little bit. You can take advantage of homemade poker tournaments put on by friends and family. These typically have low buyins and relatively novice competition, although skill levels for some can be high. Or, you can go to your local casino on poker tournament night and enter a Texas Hold'em tournament. Buyins are typically reasonable for tournaments - more reasonable than taking a turn on a regular table anyway. Or, you can go Online and join a cheap Texas Hold'em table at any one of the premium poker sites available online today.

If you persistently practice playing Texas Hold'em in these ways, you'll be playing against the experts and scoring some pretty decent pots in no time. And, if you follow up by reading some books, studying Online tutorials, getting to know the odds and reading your opponents, you'll be one of those experts in no time. Soon you'll have fellow poker players grilling you on the finer points in the game and maybe one day a million dollar pot could be yours.

To find people in your area to play poker with, look for local groups in your community or attend the local casino and ask around. If you're looking for an Online forum, simply type "Texas Hold'em" into your favorite Web browser.

Cyman Harrison is the founder of http://www.PokerTipsandStrategies.com. Having played and analyzed Texas Holdem Poker for many years, Cyman has compiled winning secrets, tips & techniques in a new eBook, which you can sample at http://www.HoldemAdvancedStrategy.com.
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