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There are many great mysteries of the world: what is the meaning of life? What else is out there in the universe? And, of course, what's in a women's handbag? An object of mystery and a well-guarded secret, all men are fully aware that a woman's handbag is sacred and to be entered at their own peril.

Ironically, the term ‘handbag' was originally coined for the leather bags carried by men at the turn of the 20th century. It wasn't until the 1920s that the term came to its rightful place and became the handbag women know and love today. The handbag was designed for the 1920s woman because she needed something to carry her possessions in. In those days dresses were skimpier and pocket-free, and women had growing independence which meant they began travelling without men or servants to carry their things.

Ever since, handbags have been a fashion staple and go hand-in-hand, or shoulder-to-shoulder, with the continually changing trends and fashions. With a plethora of designs, materials and sizes available, most women have a handbag to suit almost every occasion.

With the average bag weighing 5lbs - that's the equivalent of carrying around 5 bags of sugar - chiropractors warn that heavy bags cause back pain and can even lead to painful injuries. The recent trend for the oversized, designer ‘It' bags hasn't helped this concern. The must-have tote allows women to cram even more into their handbags; essentially carrying their life on their shoulders.

But what really is inside? Well, guaranteed finds are: a bulging purse, complete with bank cards, credit cards, business cards and receipts as well as money; a mobile phone and keys. These are simply the basics, the foundations of a woman's mini-home with straps.

Most women feel completely lost without other essential items that, if left at home can induce panic! For example, iPods - to cheer one up, calm one down, or just to pass the time with; a novel to make a long commute more pleasant; a notebook and a handful of pens to jot things down such as to-do and shopping lists; an emergency beauty kit which includes: a make-up bag with lipgloss and other touch-up essentials; mini deodorant and/or perfume; a toothbrush and toothpaste; a hairbrush; and even battery-powered mini hair straighteners for that unexpected work meeting, or spontaneous after-work drink invitation.

Other ‘useful' items sometimes found in the depths of a woman's beloved abyss can include a compact umbrella; sunglasses; feminine hygiene products; painkillers; tissues; handcream; a bottle of water; and sometimes even a laptop! The list is endless, and that's before you talk to mothers of small children, at which point the list becomes even more extensive, if not wonderfuly weird!

Men frequently ask why women carry around so much stuff. Some say it's for security reasons - knowing their most treasured things are with them at all times. Some believe it's their innate ability to be super-organised - that they are prepared for any situation. Some even say the content of a woman's handbag is a reflection of their personality.

Whatever the reason, one thing for sure is that a woman's handbag is an integral part of their lives and something they absolutely cannot leave home without.

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