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Don't you want to add elegance and panache to your personality? Well, now you can do it with style with the help of women glasses! These eyeglasses have a feminine undertone to them and accentuate your personality in the most suitable manner. You can even customize the eyeglass depending upon the shape of your face and achieve a truly elegant look.

One of the first things you should consider while choosing an eyeglass is the type of frame. One of the most popular frames is the Brooke. It has a soft metal front and is complete with high quality acetate temples creating a perfect rhapsody of colors. The intricate designs are like the icing on the cake and lend a floral undertone. The frame will perfectly match your entire wardrobe and win you a lot of attention.

Christina is also an elegant model which is unique in the sense that it has a light weight drilled rimless front. The see through milled metal temples allow the floral designs to be viewed from the front accentuating its beauty even further. Elise is also a woman's delight which is complete with high quality black acetate wrap around temples which is complemented with silver floral etching. You can use the frame for your everyday purpose as well as with your evening gown!

You should also be very careful while choosing the material for making the lens for the eyeglasses. While glass is one of the most popular materials for this purpose there are various other path breaking materials which you can consider for making your lens. Polycarbonate is a smart choice for making lens as it is lighter than glass and has a superior chipping and impact resistance.

You can accentuate your beauty further buy choosing a frame according to the shape of your face. Thus, woman with round faces should choose a rectangular frame which makes their face look thinner and longer. Similarly, a lady with an oval face can accentuate her beauty by choosing a wide optical frame. So, just be sure to asses the shape of your face before selecting the frame.

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