Causes And Remedies For Sexual Performance Anxiety

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You can get help in overcoming sexual performance anxiety by understanding the causes and choosing the correct remedies for you. Causes can include stress, bad experiences and low self-esteem.

For anyone who is overcoming sexual performance anxiety, the causes and remedies are very important. In fact, the best way to make sure that you are getting the correct treatment is to match the treatment with the causes of your specific symptoms. Knowing what causes performance anxiety is also a highly useful way to prevent recurrences in the future.

The Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety

There are several different causes to sexual performance anxiety. In some cases, male performance anxiety is entirely psychological, though it can also be caused by physical problems as well.

Physical problems can include erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Men who suffer from either of these physical ailments can become more anxious about their ability to perform well in bed. As a result, they will develop performance anxiety and may find it impossible to perform at all.

Erectile dysfunction does not have a known cause, although there are some theories as to what may cause premature ejaculation. Men who have rushed themselves to ejaculate on a regular basis due to being ashamed of or having little time to masturbate will sometimes start suffering from premature ejaculation. In this case, using the Mayo Clinic's recommended squeeze therapy can help retrain these men so that they ejaculate when they want to.

Purely psychological impotence can occur as a result of low self esteem as well. The biggest problem with performance anxiety is that it tends to feed off of itself. In other words, once a person suffers from performance anxiety, they will often find that their concern for the problem will only make it worse.

Psychological impotence can also be caused by high levels of general stress in your life or bad sexual experiences in the past.

Remedies For Sexual Performance Anxiety

The first remedy is just to talk to your partner about what is happening. Even though it might not completely help in overcoming sexual performance anxiety, just knowing that they are not upset or unfulfilled should reduce your symptoms. Talking to your partner should also let you find other sexual activities that you can do in bed. This should take some of the stress off of sex and let you have more fun.

Self therapy is a highly effective remedy for sexual performance anxiety, since it can help you work through any sexual issues you may have as well as the stress that could be causing them. What kind of therapy you choose will depend entirely on the way you look at your problems. For example, psychotherapy is predominately devoted to discovering the causes of your anxiety. Cognitive-behavioural psychology will place less interest on the causes and more focus on what you need to do to be less anxious in bed.

Other remedies for sexual performance anxiety can include medication or herbal remedies. Although there are more clinical tests that show that western medication is effective in treating sexual performance anxiety, many people have used herbal remedies and seen great results in their performance. These remedies tend to include ginseng and saw palmetto, to name a few.

One advantage to herbal remedies is that you'll have less side effects if you only need to use it for a placebo. However, if your performance issues have physical causes, then may need to use medications that are stronger than just herbal remedies.

The most important thing to remember about the remedies used in overcoming performance anxiety is that not all of the remedies will work for everybody. You will have to try different remedies and see which ones work best.

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