What to Expect after Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

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An effective vasectomy reversal is a result of expertise and experience! The microsurgical technique of multi-layer 10-0 suturing achieves the highest success. The surgery involves surgical removal of fluid from the testicular end of vas deferens to check for colour, consistency, volume and presence of motile sperm. Once the health of the fluid is established, the two severed ends of vas deferens are reconnected to allow for unobstructed flow of sperm into the fluid that is eventually ejaculated at orgasm.

The operation, as described above, is conducted under a general anaesthetic and takes an average of two hours to complete. In another couple of hours the anaesthesia wears off and one may return home the very same day! Oral medication, as prescribed by the doctor, is good to relieve mild discomfort. It is advisable to rest and lie down as much as you can for the next few days. Within three weeks you'll be up and about, performing normal activities and resuming a healthy sexual life. However, do avoid strenuous activity and wear a jockstrap for support.

Complications after vasectomy reversal are uncommon, but you
may expect bleeding from the incision made on the scrotum,
a scar that heals with time and
a rare infection that may be recognized by heightened pain and discomfort. In the case of any of the above post vasectomy complications, please contact your vasectomy reversal expert immediately!

You will be required to visit your vasectomy reversal doctor within five days after surgery for a follow up. Subsequently, visits for semen analysis would be requested every two or three months. The semen may at the beginning show very low sperm count with impaired motility. However, with time, the sperm count and motility improves, until it becomes absolutely normal in eight months time.

Fibrosis, which is a condition characterized by gradual scarring at the reversal site, causes loss of all sperm in the ejaculate in approximately 6% of the men who get a vasectomy reversal. Thus, storing sperm after vasectomy reversal is a good idea!

Very few pregnancies occur within the first few months of a vasectomy reversal. The average time is twelve months, while it may take several years to show any success. If the pregnancy does not occur within three years after vasectomy reversal, medical investigations would be recommended. Moreover, the instances of pregnancy after vasectomy reversal are not 100%. Even a normal semen analysis may not be a definite indication of achieving a pregnancy. This would be due to the development of antibodies against sperm, which is as common as 75% of all vasectomies performed. That of course, interferes with the process of fertilization.

Thus, the procedure of a vasectomy reversal is uncomplicated. Consult your urologist about all the other options available. It is definitely worth giving your family the chance of a baby!

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