Print Spooler Software Automatically Controls Which Documents are Allowed to Print in Color

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Printing in color for approved documents only results in significant TCO reduction

If output costs so much and interferes with so many crucial business tasks, then why aren't more organizations addressing it with print spooler software?

Increasing numbers of firms are waking up to the opportunity, but they are finding it a difficult challenge. Output continues to confound for several reasons:

  • Most hardcopy costs are hidden - At the majority of organizations, the responsibility for acquiring, deploying and supporting output devices is scattered through the enterprise. No single organization or department has visibility or control

  • Process impacts and savings opportunities are not fully understood - When it comes to output, how do you get the most bang for your buck? How do you know that you've maximized your investment? What capabilities are really inherent in the technology?

  • Color Printing Business Problem

    A significant hidden cost of color printing involves the printing of a large percentage of an office's documents in color-Many of which do not need to be and should not be printed in color for any reason.

    In order to improve efficiency and consolidate devices, color printers are often installed as a branch office's single printer without an advanced print spooler solution. Unfortunately, this leads to an abundance of printed business documents coming out in color (and using color supplies) that do not need to be in color.

    The native print spooling system in Windows offers no capability to automatically monitor the print jobs and based on the company policy for color printing, let a document print in color or make the document print in black and white at a significant per page cost savings - OM PLUS PERMITS THIS LEVEL OF CONTROL OVER WHAT PRINTS IN COLOR!


    Industry: Any

    Profile: Multi-branch organizations with lack of central IT control over what gets printed on the color printers in the remote locations

    Challenge: The color printers installed in remote branch locations are used for all branch printing. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices (one for color documents and one for all non-color documents). However, color documents cost (based on volume purchasing of supplies) at least $.08 each, documents printed in black only cost about $.01.

    Plus Technologies Solution: Color Laser Printers (Lexmark preferred), OM Plus, Advanced Print Spooler and Print Management Software, CD Plus, Context Delivery Plus module for advanced document routing based on rules processing and Plus Technologies professional services. Solution prevents non-approved documents from printing in color, SAVING $.07 per page that prints black only-Provides very fast ROI!

    The OM Plus Solution

    OM Plus print spoolersoftware provides a significant cost saving opportunity for customers using color laser printers.

    The Context Delivery Plus (CD Plus) module of OM Plus monitors all print jobs. Based on pre-defined rules, CD Plus determines whether a print job is permitted to be printed in color. If the job does not qualify as one of the companies's approved color business documents, OM Plus automatically sets the printer to only print the document in black and white.

    CD Plus can determine, based on the documents' meta-data, whether it needs to print as a color document or if it needs to just print the document in black and white. Meta-data that can be monitored include things like, document title, user ID, size of document, and more.

    For the situation where a non-approved document has to be printed in color, a user can hold the print job in the print queue and an authorized administrator in the office can release the job for color printing.

    Cost savings utilizing this OM Plus based solution are significant. Even when color supplies are purchased in large volumes, the cost per page savings is at least $.07 each!

    Why OM Plus Is For You

    If you could use a tool that can make dynamic delivery decisions based on a document's metadata or content so you can improve a document driven business process like print only approved documents in color -OM Plus is for you!

    When managing and supporting your enterprise's print jobs and print infrastructure is consuming too much of your IT support team's time and budget-OM Plus is for you!

    If you would like to simplify your print queue administration and printing support processes-OM Plus is for you!

    When mission critical print jobs do not complete successfully and your business is negatively impacted-OM Plus is for you!

    If the cost and time associated with manually bursting, bundling, and collating large print jobs and then delivering them to end users is impacting your profitability and customer service levels-OM Plus is for you!

    When large centralized printers have become a bottleneck to getting reports out to knowledge workers and a support cost drain-OM Plus is for you!

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