3 Steps to Troubleshooting Image Problems on your Laser Printer

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3 Steps To Troubleshooting Image Problems On Your Laser Printer

It usually happens at the most inopportune time; when you are printing a very important report. The print starts smudging and the image quality is bad. There are different image quality problems.

· Banding- Horizontal lines through the print job.
· Smudges- An image keeps appearing in a uniform sequence.
· Fades print- The print gets lighter.

1st Step Visually inspect the printer and toner cartridge.

Sometimes something can be inside the printer. Labels can get stuck on the cartridge and fuser. Wipe out the cavity of the printer with a dry cloth. Make sure nothing is inside the printer.

2nd step Change the cartridge.

Many times technicians have gotten a call from a customer that had poor print quality. Usually the first question is, "Have you changed the cartridge?" This is very important because no one wants to pay a technician to show up on-site to change a toner cartridge. (Right?) Once you have determined the toner cartridge was replaced. (I strongly recommend to the person overseeing this step to eyewitness the cartridge being changed.) Many times a technician has showed up on site and... everybody thought somebody else changed the cartridge when, really nobody changed the toner cartridge.

3rd step ½ Page Test

What is a half page test? After inspection of the printer is completed, and toner cartridge is replaced. Put paper into the manual tray and do a test print. When the page is almost all the way in the printer open the lid. This will tell you if the problem happens before the fuser or after the fuser. If the image is still on the page before the fuser after steps 1 & 2 it could be a transfer roller or worse case a board. If the image is not on the page before it gets to the fuser then it could be a fuser problem. Once these steps are completed it is time to make the service call to a service provider of your choice.

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