How to Write a Non-fiction Book

by James Malinchak - Date: 2008-11-20 - Word Count: 695 Share This!

Do you want to write a fantastically successful non-fiction book?
Do you feel you know how to write a successful non-fiction book?

Many people who feel passionate about a certain topic cannot wait to put words on paper so that they can tell the world about it.  They may want to help people improve their health, their lifestyle, their business, hobby or be of help in some other way.  In many cases the idea is, that, by writing their book and using their experiences, or knowledge, they will be able to help others in similar circumstances.

But, one of the most important points when writing a book is to make sure that there is someone wanting to buy it.  There is no point in just writing a book because you want to.  You need to know that there is a client base out there who are already paying money for the type of information you are going to offer.

There are three very important points to remember when creating a product for the market place.

1.  It is essential to create your product for someone who wants to buy it.

Wanting to buy and, needing to buy, are not the same things.  It is very important to understand the difference.  A person may want to buy a product for many varied reasons, whereas a person may need to buy the same product, but they may have no desire to do so.

Your best customer will have a problem of some sort, and they are buying your product because they want to solve their problem. That is the simple essence of learning how to write non-fiction that will be successful on the shelf.  Knowing who your buyer will be and being able to provide a product that they want.

2.  Think like the buyer.

When you are thinking about how to write a non-fiction you need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and ask yourself the question, "what would make me pay money to buy the product?"

Once you have established that there are buyers out there for your topic, you need to establish how you are going to put the information in a product that they will buy.

For example, are they looking for a ‘how to' book, ‘where to' book or a ‘why to' book.  If, say, you were going to write on fishing, are you going write on ‘how to set up your fishing gear', ‘where to go and at what time of year, to get a good catch of fish', or is it going to be a book on ‘the good times' that you have had.  Which do you think would have more ‘buying appeal', and have you researched this to confirm your thoughts.  These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when you are considering how to write a non-fiction book.

In your learning curve of finding out how to write a non-fiction book, you will find that you need to break the project down to smaller pieces and keep a focus on the topic.

The title of the book must match up with the final body of the book.  It is often suggested to write approximately 50 titles before you make a final decision.  Your title should exactly tell what the book is about.  Using subtitles is a good way to show the buyer what the benefits will be from purchasing the book.

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