Online Gardening Store Diy Matters Launch New Product Terram Root Guard

by Lisa Houghton - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 271 Share This!

One of the largest importers of landscaping fabric and weed control fabric in the UK has launched a "new product" Terram Root Guard.

Tree roots growing under roads, drives, patios and lawns can be a real nuisance and cause significant damage to property. Terram Root Guard is a black heavy duty landscaping fabric specifically designed with high tear strength and puncture resistance to protect against the growth of roots.

80 - 90% of roots grow outwards in the upper metre of soil and can cause lifting of the ground resulting in cracks and damage on the surface. They can also contribute to damage by undermining foundations and service pipes.

Tim Rhodes, of DIY matters said: "Our unique approach to sourcing means we can offer the best quality products direct to the customer at the exact size they require. Terram Root Guard is another great addition to our landscaping fabric range of products which includes weed control fabric, Frost Protection Fleece, and Heavy Duty Ground Cover."
How to install/fix root protection fabric

Firstly, Prepare the ground by digging the appropriate sizes hole for the size of flower / tree you wish to plant. If required, a disc may be cut and placed in the bottom.

Then cut the Root Guard landscaping fabric to size and place around the sides of the hole ensuring there is no gap. Overlap & tape together if required.

Fill with soil both inside and out side of the Root Guard barrier and press down to compact.

Finish to match the rest of the surroundings.

Throughout summer holiday season DIY Matters have 10% off absolutely everything including Root Guard, Weed Membrane, Landscaping Fabric and Weed Control Fabric.

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