How To Keep Your Outdoor Landscaping Safe In Cold Weather

by Daryl Noble - Date: 2010-07-01 - Word Count: 379 Share This!

When you think of Florida you probably picture sunny days, pristine beaches and hot days on the golf course. But during our Florida winters temperatures can dip down below freezing for short periods of time. This is seen as a welcome relief by most Floridians but can sometimes have an adverse impact on your outdoor plants. Below are some helpful ideas to protect your landscaping when cooler weather arrives.

Be aware of the vulnerability level of each of your plant types to the cooler weather. If you are not sure about your plants' resistance levels the Internet is full of great information to help you learn more about them. The University of Florida's website can be especially helpful with its' extensive information about native Florida plants. As a general rule flowering plants tend to be less cold resistant than those without flowers.

Outdoor plants become more cold resistant as they mature in age and are properly nourished. This is because their roots grow deeper and help them become well established. Try to keep your plants on a regular fertilization and watering schedule to promote root growth.

Water can also be a first line of defense when you know that cold weather is approaching. Just prior to the arrival of freezing temperatures, try hand watering your plants. This water is then absorbed into the plants and helps create an insulation effect for the plants.

Another good way to protect your landscaping from the cold is by using plywood or bed sheets. The plywood and bed sheets can both serve as a block against the wind chill factor. In addition the bed sheets can help to hold the warmer air close to the plants. As a word of warning, do not use plastic to cover your plants. Typically the freezing weather lasts only through the overnight. But when the sun comes up in the daytime it will scorch your plastic covered plants if not removed in time.

Stay informed about the weather conditions during the winter months so that you can go into action when you see the temperatures will drop below freezing. Your awareness of the temperatures and preparation can help keep your outdoor plants going strong even through the cooler weather. Then you will be able to enjoy your landscape's beauty all year long.

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