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Amongst all stones used for building, Granite must be the most exclusive. It is put to various uses like worktops, kitchen countertops, table tops, flooring, etc. Tiles and slabs are made out of granite stones are provided by a granite supplier for the purposes mentioned above. North Indian Granite is the most prominent among dimensional stones as it has some magnificent colors, very glossy polish and graceful textural patterns. Granite stone exporters admit that tiles and slabs of this stone are very popular for interior designing of homes.
Granite is the most everlasting stone making it the most suitable for home use. Moreover, it has high abrasion resistance and durability against chemical attack. It has comparatively more glitter than other stones and being harder; its consistency in quality and dimensions can be preserved. Granite is available in myriad of colors from granite manufacturers and its natural properties create a rich aesthetic appeal.

Architects who are aware of granite's unique qualities have been putting it to more extensive use than ever before. The structure of a granite rock determines whether it should be used for construction purposes or put to ornamental use. Granite is put to some very interesting use in Scotland where it is made into curling stones. The granite type used for this is called Ailsa Craig granite.
Ailsa Craig is a place in Scotland where granite manufacturers started the work of making curling stones back in 1750s and the cost of a good stone can be upwards from $1500.Sixty to Seventy percent of granite used in USA is from Ailsa Craig granite even though quarrying activities have been stopped in the Ailsa Craig of Scotland.
In some areas granite is used for gravestones and memorials for which a lot of skill is required as the hardness of granite stone needs to be carved by hand. Besides hand carving, there are methods of carving which include making use of rotary bits by computer-control to sandblast them on a rubber stencil. The blaster is capable of creating any kind of epitaph or artwork which creates emblems, letters or epitaphs. Granite stone exporters supply it to engineers as the impervious and inflexible nature of granite makes it very useful for them to create a plane of reference to work with.
There are many kinds of granites that are found in India. To name a few -, white Galaxy, Sapphire Blue, Himalayan Blue, Paradios Bash, Indian Mahogany, , Saphire Brown, , Black Pearl, Ivory Brown, Imperial White, Silver Pearl, and countless others with their different alluring hues and textures.

There are many famous Indian granite manufacturers who double up as granite exporter in India. They supply distinct Indian granites in various colors which is evident by the list of names mentioned above. All types of Indian granites on the list mentioned above can be ordered. The granite stone exporter from India for granites like Indian Juprana, Sira Grey, Lavender Blue etc., provide the stones at very reasonable prices. If you would like to have the beauty of granite for your home, then you should try to know more about granite types and their respective qualities and then choose what you need.

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