Using Criticism and Feedback to Improve Your Writing

by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2009-12-29 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

Writing is pretty easy. Although there are people who always think that it is really difficult to make your own writings. Sometimes, they are scared to try. Just because you are dealing mainly with the correct and proper way of using grammar doesn't mean that you can't do it all by yourself. You just fire up a Word document and begin typing. Writing well, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

You should always rely with some informational books or just browse on the internet if you want to research on something or find answers to your problem regarding about writing your content. Actually, it is not that hard since you can depend upon your research. The only thing that you have to do is how you will manage your writings in an effective way.

It's a matter of creative thinking and the logic of how will you manage you content well. Well-written piece are what you should always observe since it can make you gain a lot of readers that will surely love your piece.

Good writing, as opposed to the mediocre variety, typically takes experience and some amount of work. We're not saying you need to practice religiously like a pro. However, paying conscious attention to the words that you type, as well as using available tools to help make it better, should be a part of your daily routine.

A Solitary Pursuit

While writing may be a solitary pursuit, most of us do the activity in order to communicate with the world at large. Whether that "world" happens to be your business' customers, your boss or that girl you met at an online dating site, it's an undeniable fact: your text needs to impart the proper ideas if you want the interaction to go smoothly. If it doesn't, you better keep an open mind about how you can improve.

Receiving Criticism

Some people are extremely averse to criticism, treating it like a direct insult to their self-worth. In truth, that can't be further from the truth. If your boss says you should cut down the length of your reports or if your customers say you tend to go around in circles when communicating with them, it's best to address it as a recommendation, instead of taking offense.

Criticism happens in life, one way or another. None of us are perfect and we could all use a little improvement in many areas. As such, the way you handle criticism of your writing and the manner in which you respond to its challenge, can say a lot about whether you improve or remain stuck with your flaws.

Instant Feedback

One way to minimize criticism from your readers is to use a writing software before releasing any written material into the world. When you take advantage of English writing tools, such as Whitesmoke, you get immediate feedback about the quality of your work. Not only that, they will help guide you through the whole process of fixing it.

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