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by Eric Schmidt - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 474 Share This!

Why do so many women drive around in the oversized SUV's, the Tahoe, Excursion, Escalade, and even the H2. These cars are too big for you! Stick to the small to medium size vehicles. Don't tell me it's because you need a car that seats seven because every time I see you driving, you are by yourself. Just because your husband bought you that overpriced, oversized vehicle does not mean you own the road and can talk on your phone when you cannot even judge your turning radius because your big Chanel sunglasses take up your whole face. In my opinion, you are more dangerous than New York City cab drivers. You do not pay attention when you drive, you certainly cannot park because you take up two spaces at a time and you do not pay attention to what is behind you when you back up even though the sensor is telling you...uh..hello??? you are going to hit that shopping cart!! You all claim you buy the vehicle for its safety but then you completely ignore the safety laws when you drive. Do you think you are protected by a steel barrier and cannot get hurt? (Never mind that, do you care if you hurt somebody else out there)? What is wrong with driving a sensible vehicle? There should be special licensing requirements for women to drive SUV's because they are clearly struggling to drive them. These vehicles require more strength to operate because there is more vehicle to maneuver. I am not condemning women drivers...not yet anyway, I am just condemning your choice of transportation. Not only are you already a danger on the road in these vehicles but why do you have to talk on the phone while you are attempting to operate one. Can't the gossip wait until you get home? You do not pay attention and you cut people off like you're so entitled. Like the rules of the road do not apply to you. Another aggravating thing about you is that you park in undesignated parking spaces; fire zones, handicap spots, expectant mother parking spaces,..."Oh, I'll just be a minute!" In addition, you drive way too fast in those parking lots. They are not thru streets, they are PARKING LOTS! Actually, you drive too fast pretty much everywhere I see you; residential areas, mall parking structures, freeways, school parking lots. What makes your time more valuable than mine? What could be so important that you cannot adhere to the speed limits. (Your nail lady will wait for you don't worry). As I said, I am not opposed to women drivers as long as they drive sensibly, like anyone else is expected to do. However, for some reason when you buy these SUV's you leave the lot with a complimentary lobotomy.

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