Barbecue Chicken Everyone Loves

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During the summer in the United States backyards fill with smoke, smells, and chattering voices. This is usually what is involved in a backyard barbecue. During the summer all types of events promote such a gathering. Sometimes is a holiday such as The 4th Of July. Other times its a high school graduation. It even may be a simple gathering of friends and family to enjoy good food with good friends for a good time. Whatever the case may be, food is always on the agenda and is often of the most importance.

Here is a recipe for barbecue chicken that never fails to tantalize the tastes buds of any barbecue aficionado.

This is a recipe that my family has used for many years. My father has operated and owned a family meat store for thirty some years and his father before that. My dad uses this barbecue chicken recipe endlessly and it never fails to satisfy anyones' taste.


Take as much chicken breast as needed and put it in a plastic bag with Italian dressing. Use enough dressing so that all the chicken is covered completely. Put it in the fridge over night or for several hours.

Heat the gas grill to medium heat. It is best to oil the surface of the grill with either a spray oil or regular oil. This should be done before the grill is turned on as to avoid any unnecessary flames.

Cook the chicken, continuously flipping each piece until the chicken breasts are cooked all the way through with no pink. Now it is time to add the barbecue sauce. I prefer to use "The Jug" barbecue sauce. Apply sauce to one side of each piece. Then pick up each piece and rubs its bottom on the top of the pieces that already are covered with barbecue sauce. Cook that side for about 2 minutes. Flip over each piece and apply barbecue sauce once again using the same steps as above. Cook on this side for 2 minutes and then the barbecue chicken is done! So eat!

I would like to credit this recipe to my father.

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I am a student at Michigan State University. My father has owned a family meat market for over 30 years and his experience of cooking any type of meat is extraordinary.

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