Hitler as a Leader

by Mary Anne Winslow - Date: 2007-01-16 - Word Count: 273 Share This!

Perhaps someone will say Hitler was not a nice person. However nobody will argue his outstanding abilities of a leader. He was a great orator, motivator; highly goal-oriented and true to his cause. He possessed all the necessary characteristics of a charismatic leader.

Hitler's trustworthiness and consistency inspired great devotion in his followers. They were not only eager to listen to his ideas, but they were ready to live for them. He'd get thousands and thousands of new followers each day until he became a person in charge of the whole nation. Appealing first to the young representatives of the German nation, he later on used his innovative public speaking techniques to convert the older generation to his new belief.

Later on he was brought to court for political treason. However even that situation he was able to use in his own good. Instead of going to prison for his attempts to overthrow the government, Hitler indeed became the true leader of the people who loved to hear his speeches. He criticized the leaders of the time and called them scoundrels. The democratic government was for the frail. He wanted to create a world of his dreams a picture of which only he could see, an idea of which he was trying to shape in his head during the artistic speeches in from of a tremendous crowd. A crowd is a crowd, following its own instincts it had found itself a leader to follow. And then, very soon they all became afraid. Afraid of each other. Afraid of the government. Afraid to say something wrong about the new government and its leader, the Great Fuehrer.

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