Russian's Bellyache: A One Way Street (Star Wars)

by Dennis Siluk - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 423 Share This!

Russian's Bellyache: A one way Street

It's a two way highway out there in the real world, yet Russia, I do believe, is still living in the old days, thinking it is a one way street. Let me explain.

Russia and China (they think alike), are chumming together nowadays, collaborating is a better word, with joint military strategy to insure the USA does not rule the world, while they fall to sleep, and end up under her heals; thus, the collaboration also has independent roots. That is to say, Russia blackmails Europe at will with its oil, and laughs the entire way to the bank. China, on the other hand, with the blessing of Moscow, shoots down an old space satellite, one of theirs, which was against international law, and thus broke a few treaties in the process. But they proved a point, that being, they could if they had to, shoot down US satellites. China thinks like Russia of course, you know, the one-way street that should be a two-way highway.

Well let me get to the point, the USA has now conjured up a defense project, two of them, for Eastern Europe (they can still feel the yoke of Russia I do believe)-Czech, and Poland, are the recipients of a multibillion dollar deal with the US Military to build two military sites, part of the Star Wars program. These would be able to shoot down Russian (Perhaps Chinese) incoming rockets. So whatever Russia's plans were before this agreement, they now got to rethink what their new strategy will be.

In other words, they are not happy with our decisions; as we of course are not normally happy with theirs. So once this is built, perhaps when China sends its rockets to blow our satellites out of space (as they have proven now they can do), into kingdom come, we can intercede them, and blow them up, before hand, but Russia does not think this is fare play-remember Russia and China are now chumming buddies, they don't say it too loud, but if there was a showdown, they would be two on one, and guess who the one would be-you and me, the USA.

We will have to break some treaties of course, but then, they are broken anyway, are they not; I mean, if not verbally, and in agreement, then they are if you read between the lines, and look at the actions of Russia and China. So here we go Prague. Will Europe be any safer? Not sure, but it will not be any weaker.

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