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A Ramen A Day….and From School She Won't Stray!

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Hi! I'm Ramen Girly! :D

I have been a freelance graphic designer for a long time. After six years of it, I decided my experience would land me a more consistent income working in a design firm. But instead, I found out that being a freelancer did not help me at all!

No one wanted to hire me (I know…"cry me a river").

To fix this, I decided go back to a hotshot advertising portfolio school knowing I would meet my potential there while riding out this recession (probably another reason I wasn't being hired).

Well, guess what?

My financial aid fell through and I am on the verge of getting kicked out of school!

But what I've already learned in the first week of school is this: Go For It! Don't Be Afraid! Push For Another Way! And Make Mistakes!

So…I'm doing everything I can to figure out how to stay in school by selling the extra nick-knacks in my life, gathering as much change I can muster, and reducing unnecessary spending. To show my sincerity in my penny-pinching efforts, I am going to eat a meal of Ramen noodles every day and post it to my blog.

Hopefully, I will not turn into a "Super Size Me" case-study and will try to see how creative I can get with my recipes.

So, off and away I go into this new adventure!

Wooo hooo!
Ramen Girly

To see photos of my daily Ramen, go to my blog at:

P.S. If you would like to help in my change gathering effort…please donate to the (unofficial) Ramen Noodle Scholarship in the sidebar there too - hehe.

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