Carmen Tickets-a Classic Love Story Returns to the Stage!

by Andrew Good - Date: 2008-08-27 - Word Count: 356 Share This!

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The opera has long been considered a cultural institution that explores the epitome of high art, where classic stories and themes are explored at length. But of all the romantic operas that have ever been written, Carmen is undoubtedly one of the best known.

Now, this classic tragedy is returning to the stage. Carmen tickets are being sold for productions on both coasts of the United States. Written by Georges Bizet in the late 19th century, Carmen tells the story of ravishingly beautiful gypsy woman and the lowly Spanish corporal that becomes taken with her. A passion is ignited in both their hearts, though the character of Carmen is a woman for who love is no more than a fleeting diversion. The corporal gradually loses his head in the relationship. It's the textbook definition of a whirlwind romance, with all the tempestuous emotions and drama that go along with those kinds of relationships.

But the poor corporal eventually drowns in the emotional sea he's floating through. He's rejected from his old love, turns against his military, and eventually turns to a life of crime. He jealously kills Carmen when he finally suspects her of infidelity. It slowly becomes more a story of a rushing, headlong downfall than a sweet and tender romance-although the latter is present throughout the story as well.

The music of Carmen has long been recognized in pop culture and spoofed. It's a testament to the opera's moving power that it's referenced so often.

Now, the classic story is coming to the Los Angeles-based Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. This brilliant production is sure to impress fans of theater and opera alike. For those who aren't familiar with opera, this is your chance to be exposed to one of the form's finest works, and is sure to be a memorable experience for years to come. Don't pass up the chance to see this!

This November and December, prepare to be charmed by Carmen. With the brilliant actress and mezzo-soprano Viktoria Vizin in the lead role as the saucy gypsy woman, this is sure to be a great show.

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