Backdrop and Scenmolton

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Flame retardant stage textile also called backdrop are widely used is event and show business. The texile used in backdrops are often deko- or scenmolton. Here comes a small guide in the stage textile area.


Printed backdrop

You need to create an original picture to the company that prints the backdrop. The original should have good quality to give you the best result. Here you can find a crib sheet how to create an original file to your backdrop. The best backdrop is printed all over so you have the same material both on the sides and on the motif. It you only print the motif you will see a different surface at the print. This print are often shiny, and this is not for use as stage textile. Use a professional company when you order a printed backdrop. There are a lot of things that can go wrong so use a company that is used to do stage textile! For example: the textile cant be shiny because it will reflect light and this is not ok on stage. The flame retardant properties are also very important and this differ from country to country. There can also be different requirements if you use the backdrop on a boat of in public halls. If you are a lot on tour you should ask for a wrinkle free type. Otherwise you will have to iron the whole backdrop every time you use it.


Backdrop in one colour

The most used textile is scenmolton but for shorter and more temporary instalations it is possible to use dekomolton. The textile is 3 meters width and thick. There are two different types of scenmolton 300 g/m2 and 330 g/m2. The thicker (330 g/m2) is a black out textile, meaning that no light gets through the backdrop. It is preferable to use the thicker type. Here is a colour chart of scenmolton. Molton is a flame proofed and heavy cotton textile that is brushed hard. The brushing makes the textile very smooth and makes the textile lightabsorbing. The textile is also a very good sound absorber despite it is a textile. It is widely used in offices, big halls and in schools to create a better sound environment and make a room in the room. A lot of night clubs uses this to create a more cosy local.

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