U.s. Aluminum Industry to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission

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The global community is now facing the biggest threat to its existence in the form of global warming. To address the threat of global warming, different industries including the auto industry has taken major steps to reduce the amount of fossil fuel burned and the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. And recently, another industry has expressed dedication to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The aluminum industry announced on March 24th their "Position on Climate Change". The said action was taken after the meeting of the members of the Aluminum Association.

Patrick Franc, the Chairman of the Aluminum Association, has this to say about the issue: "We believe that it is important for the U.S. aluminum industry to assume a leadership position in this cause for environmental sustainability of our industry and products, on a market-wide and global basis." Franc is also the president of the ARCO Aluminum.

The industry acknowledged the threat of global warming to the planet as reported by scientists. The industry further concedes that the planet is increasingly becoming warm due to the excessive release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which radiates heat from the sun. The industry also agrees that to combat the issue, greater efforts would have to come from every industry that has mushroomed from all corners of the world.

Government involvement is also urged by the Association. The industry encouraged the legislative body of the United States to enact laws which will recognize the pay off of recycling towards reduction of greenhouse gas emission. The industry reports that the energy invested on the production of aluminum is offset by the reduction of energy need in recycling their products. The energy savings on recycling of aluminum amounts to 95 percent compared to the initial production.

The U.S. aluminum industry has already taken steps towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as according to Steve Larkin, the president of The Aluminum Association. "The aluminum industry in the U.S. has made considerable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, offering both experience and a positive track record in this cause. Our contributions through recycling and downstream emissions reductions through better, less emitting automobiles will help the United States and other countries protect the environment," he further emphasizes.

The use of aluminum on vehicle parts such as a Nissan exhaust tip and the body of the vehicle also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released. This is because aluminum is a lightweight metal and the lighter the vehicle, the less power it needs. And the less power it needs, the less fuel it needs to burn which translates to less emission.

The aluminum industry also recycles these parts and they are supporting the enactment of legislations which will give incentive to companies that recycles aluminum. One form of incentive that they are asking from the government is the tax credit for companies in the aluminum industry.

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