Coffee Containers Usage In Your Home

by Jennifer Seaton - Date: 2008-12-08 - Word Count: 409 Share This!

You are a coffee addict. You buy a lot of coffee cans in a single month and manage to consume them. Seeing the cans, you don't want to throw them away because they seem to have some use. Problem is, you just can't figure what. What can you do with all those coffee cans besides throwing them in the trash bin?

With just enough imagination and creativity, it is actually quite easy to think of uses for these coffee cans. Take a moment and look at your surroundings. What things do you need to do that you can incorporate with a coffee can? Below are some things that you can start with. Read on and perhaps, one or two ideas may trigger your own ideas.

Seedling distributor. You can use the canister in the garden when you plant some seeds or grass. Just punch holes at the bottom and voila! You can now use it to evenly distribute the seeds that will start your flower garden in the backyard.


The cans are great storage containers for all kinds of things. Just get some ribbons and wrappers and decorate the cans to match the motif of your room. Use it to hold your pens in place or perhaps your various knick knacks in the kitchen.

Plant protectors These cans can also be used in another way in your garden. You can place them around your little seedlings so that they will be protected from animals and wind. Cut the bottom so that the light of the sun can still shine through.

Water sprinkler Another garden use for the coffee cans is as a water sprinkler. Punch small holes at the bottom and then out a handle such as with a pail. Fill the can with water and water your plants with evenly spaced water spouts. Plastic and paper bag storage.

Use the can to store the paper bags and the plastic bags that you get in groceries. Before doing this, make sure that the can doesn't have any sharp edges. Higher up You can use the coffee cans to keep vegetables like pumpkins in your garden a little higher. That way, they won't be swept away when there is a flood. Strainer.

The can also be used as a strainer especially if you are in the habit of washing your vegetables. You can even put a handle on the can and then hang it by the sink to strain.

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