How To Start A Coffee Business

by David Belson - Date: 2009-12-04 - Word Count: 269 Share This!

The world's most popular drink is water, followed by soda and then, the unbelievable coffee! Research works and many surveys have revealed this severally.

The United States of America is not the only country where coffee is consumed with passion. All over the world, people consume coffee with so much passion that they find it difficult to substitute coffee for other drinks. They cannot just negotiate its stimulating effects for any other thing.

Starbucks who began coffee production, some decades ago, started with a few friends who decided to pull their financial resources together to open up a store that sold coffee products.

One of these friends, who was relatively new then, attended a conference in Italy on behalf of the company, and when he saw the way the Italians were opening different places where they had time to enjoy one another and exchange pleasantries while drinking coffee, he suggested same for coffee in America but his colleagues were not so interested in doing such, ab initio.

Even despite the fact that doughnut shops were having such outlets as the Italians did, the owners of Starbucks didn't at first see any sense doing same.

Later, they had a second thought and decided to try the idea in an outlet, which was called I1 Giornale, a name of one of Italy's largest publication companies.

Some financiers began to inject funds into the Starbucks business, and after about five years Starbucks cafés began to proliferate everywhere in America.

Today, over 90,000 Starbucks cafés exist all over the world with annual income of over $7 billion, following the recent acquisition of Seattle's Best Corporations.

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