Strategic Planning Shouldn't Be Complicated

by Carol Lynn Blood - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 488 Share This!

It may be hard for many of my readers to believe, but an organization's strategic plan needs to be no more than a one-page plan of action that will allow you the ability to make the complex simple and make your implementation of this plan just as easy. Many have had expensive advisors tell them that their strategic plans need to be complex in order for them to be valuable, but common sense dictates that the easier and less complex a strategic plan is written, the more easily it is applied towards the future success of your company.

If you are disciplined in your planning, you will be able to create a concise, well-suited, mindful strategic plan, that regardless of business size, will fit onto one page. You will do this by following five easily learned and executed rules.

1. What is your vision statement? How does the leadership within your organization visualize your business? Does your vision statement inspire others to reach for a certain pinnacle of success? Does it stir passion within your organization and encourage staff to empower themselves for success?

2. Why are you in business? This is a good time to re-evaluate your tag line. What is your external customer perspective? Make it short and memorable. Visa's 2003 tagline was "It's everywhere you want to be." You know that you can use that particular charge card in almost all venues you come upon. That is an example of a clear message.

3. Is there a method to your madness? Your strategies have to reflect both your internal and external opportunities. What tools does your staff and organization hold that gives you the edge over your competition? How can you continue to sharpen these tools to maintain quality within your group? Are you able to relay this information in an uncomplicated fashion to your staff? In other words, do they get "it" as well?

4. Do you know the measure of your success? If you do not have a way for your organization to measure its progress, how will it ever get done? It is important to know where you must look to see that meaningful progress in being made within your company.

5. What actions are you willing to take? The buck stops here. You must take your well-executed plan and put it into action. You are going to transform your strategies into clear, stated objectives. Make these objectives measurable, achievable, relevant and up-to-date.

Your one-page action plan must become the philosophy that your organization grows and lives by. It should be the impetus for your businesses overall success. Less truly is more when you are talking about any strategic plan. This is the strong foundation upon which you will continue to build upon.

What are you waiting for? Take down that binder off the shelf and start reducing your information. Be concise and mindful. Before long, you will have deduced your strategic information with a little help from the hints you received in this article.

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