The Problem With Long Sentences

by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2010-01-07 - Word Count: 492 Share This!

Long sentences in writing essays may distract your reader's attention in viewing your content. Sometimes, if they find it very hard to understand it, they might as well junk your piece and will never read it again since they can't find any significant reason to read it. It's better to use short sentences since you can convey your message in a clear and direct manner.

Especially for those individuals who are still beginners in the writing field. If you have problems on how to make your long sentence short, you can use transitions in order to cut off your sentences and so that other related ideas can be stated clearly with the help of these words.

Unless you are capable enough to construct long sentences that are not that boring to read and also, where your readers can understand it well. You don't have to be confused whenever you encountered long sentences. You can still revise it and set your ideas properly and manageably rather than combine it all in a one sentence.

When writing very long sentence, it isn't uncommon to be burdened by the sheer length of it. More than the mere volume of letters and words, many long sentences end up delaying things that the reader may need to know.

Once you find one of your sentences running a bit too long, try reading it and see if it suffers from one of the maladies below. Make sure to try running it through a software as well and see what it can do to help.

1. Too many words between the subject and the verb.

The most common problem with long sentences is when too many words come between the subject and the verb, the two main anchor points that hold a statement together. If the essence of the actor-action relationship begins to get lost because of so much separation, either writer the sentence to bring them closer or turn them into two sentences instead.

2. Too much description.

When describing an object, try keeping the clauses to a maximum of three per sentence. Any longer and you risk droning on and on.

3. Too many extraneous facts.

While laying the groundwork for the actors on a sentence is important, adding too many facts not directly related to the statement can end up watering down its impact.

4. Too much asides.

While parenthetical asides can effectively be used to offer up opinions and alternate points of view, some writers (especially those trying to be witty) can end up doing it too much. Simply cut it down and save the rest of the side comments for another day.

You can chopped your long sentence down in order to create a clear and simple thought in your sentences where your readers can fully understand your message well. You don't need to put all things together in just a sentence causing your readers to feel more confused about your passage. Just read your sentences and think of a better way to chopped it all down.

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