A Limo Can Help a Business Get More Clients

by Troy J Childers - Date: 2010-09-21 - Word Count: 508 Share This!

Catering is a tough business, and it's been getting tougher. For one LA catering business, the only choice to survive was to take some very creative approaches to landing business.

This company has weathered the recession the same way most businesses have. They cut some staff, they became bargain hunters, and they took pay cuts. The best attack they have made on the recession however, might surprise you.

For the first time in ten years of business, they started using a limo rental company.

A number of businesses have taken the opposite tack: They got rid of their own fleet or have stopped renting limos. Big mistake. This company realized early on that if they wanted their business to survive and -- better yet -- thrive, they needed to cut costs while investing available funds in areas with a good return on investments.

LA is a tough town and first impressions matter a great deal. So renting a limo to meet a client lets them know that this business is successful and serious about getting their business. Using this unique tactic accomplishes two items at once. First, the client needs not call the office in hopes of making an appointment. The caterer will come to the client. Secondly, it shows the client that no matter what, the caterer will not cut corners.

Even when things are tough, clients want the best ingredients, the finest china, and the most inspired chefs to prepare food for the big event. When they see this company rolling up in a limo, the clients get the message that they only give their customers the very best in return for their money.

Renting limos in LA has other benefits. For one, rent on office space is astronomical, but if they are going to meet clients at the office, it needs to be a first-rate space. This translates into paying rent on property every day of the year even though client meetings take up a short amount of time.

But this company only pays for the limo when they need it. That savings means savings for the client.

They have saved thousands of dollars by moving out of commercial rental property, moving the office to a cheap garage, and only seeing clients in first-class limos.

The change has done wonders for the business in other ways as well. Now, when a client calls, they get the convenience of the company going to them. They love that. It saves them so much time. Because they don't have meetings in the clients' homes though, they don't have the stress of making sure their place looks neat and nice. It can be a dump. Who cares? No one ever sees it.

Instead, a representative rolls up in front of their home or workplace, invites them into a comfortable, first-rate limousine, and regales them with their menu. Being in a limo is fun, and if clients are having fun, they are more likely to sign on the dotted line.

This caterer's business has grown since the recession started, thanks to the decision to use limos. It isn't an expense. It's an investment.

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